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If you’re searching for a highly professional painting contractor in Oakland dedicated to providing clients with high quality workmanship and a finished work worthy of recognition, look no further. We are a fully licensed company, qualified to take care of any residential or commercial painting projects our clients would require.

A painting contractor who can provide you with quality work regardless of the size or nature of your project is not always easy to come by. Here, at Best Oakland Painters, we can offer you everything you need in terms of friendly, reliable services, to deal with all the requirements necessary for finishing any type of painting project on time.

Your Perfect Choice for Residential and Commercial Painting

When it comes to finding a local company specialized in painting, Oakland CA is not a place where you can get everything you want without doing a thorough search.

This is where we come in. Our staff’s professional conduct and problem solving capabilities are just two of the main reasons why our clients are so eager to work with us. Here is a short list of what we can provide you with:

  • Friendly, professional Oakland painters dedicated to keep working until you are fully satisfied with the results;
  • Freedom of choice and flexibility regarding custom painting finishes;
  • Residential painters who specialize in both interior and exterior painting jobs;
  • Specialists qualified to work even on large scale projects involving office buildings, large commercial buildings or multi-family complexes;
  • Quick and reliable services using efficient tools, resources and paint application methods for achieving long lasting, quality results.
  • A highly competitive price on both standard residential and commercial projects;

Our Friendly and Professional Oakland Painters

We are not afraid of challenges, and we are committed to offering you the best possible service in record time. However, aside from getting the job done in a swift and elegant manner, our specialists will also be helping you make the best decisions.

Should you decide to ask for our assistance, our friendly and highly skilled Oakland painters will be completely open to communication, working together with you throughout the process to decide the best course of action necessary for the completion of your project.

We will guide you through the entire process, not only to help you get a clear picture about what it entails, but also to inform you regarding any additional options you may have that you might have overlooked.

For instance, our experienced painters can tell you all about various designs, textures and color combinations that they have worked with on previous projects, or help you find a perfect match according to your specific situation.

Environmentally Friendly, Lead-Safe Certified Painting Solutions

At Best Oakland Painters, we can offer you more than just a brighter atmosphere and a clean finish for your home or business. Our residential and commercial painters also provide you with the opportunity of using eco paints and materials to protect the environment and benefit from the many advantages of environmental friendly painting.

We can offer you:

  • A reduced risk of exposure to the harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) associated with most of the conventional paints available on the market;
  • 10 – 25% reductions in costs, given the fact that the majority of environmental friendly painting materials are significantly less expensive than regular paints;
  • The perfect option for painting children or infants’ rooms with the use of odorless eco paints, promoting a much safer, as well as pleasant interior atmosphere;
  • Recommendations for using eco friendly paints that meet and often even exceed the best standards when it comes to factors such as paint color retention, coverage, spread, viscosity, elasticity or elongation.

Our company is aspiring to become the leading painting contractor in Oakland, and our professional painters are always at the top of their game. We look forward to working with you and letting them prove this themselves. Contract us and we will take care of your project in an elegant and timely manner!